ProKleen offers a wide range of products for retailers and retail household customers offering great value for money and exceptional cleaning performance.

Due to insights and understanding of our customers’ needs, ProKleen range of products is a practical reflection of your challenges and your ways of overcoming them.

Our products are a blend of sustainability, efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and safety. ProKleen offers the following products for the retail industry:


  1. ProKleen Hand Wash
  2. ProKleen Surface Cleaner
  3. ProKleen Multipurpose Cleaner
  4. ProKleen Glass Cleaner
  5. ProKleen SS Cleaner
  6. ProKleen Wood Cleaner
  7. ProKleen Washroom Cleaner


  1. ProKleen Dishwasher
  2. ProKleen Surface Cleaner
  3. ProKleen Oven Cleaner
  4. ProKleen Hand Wash


  1. ProDeX
  2. ProMulsifier
  3. ProZonia
  4. ProSoft
  5. ProChlor
  6. ProKlor
  7. ProBoost