ProKleen Oxi Bleach

Fragrant Softener

Delicate fabrics with stain cannot be treated by chlorine type bleaches. ProKleen Oxi Bleach is developed to fulfil this demand.

ProKleen Oxi Bleach is a liquid catalysed oxygen bleach stabilised for longer shelf life


  • DISINFECTS as well as brighten your fabrics without the hazardous toxicity.
  • Safe oxygen bleach specially formulated for polyester cotton linen.
  • Eliminates the need for anti-klor used in rinses. No pin-holing effect.
  • Eliminates excessive colour losses.


ProKleen Oxi Bleach is incorporated into a wash formula usually in the break or suds cycle.

It can be added dry to the wheel at concentration of 55-165 mls per 50 kg of dry load. pH should be maintained above 10.0 at a temperature of 70-80 Deg. C.

ProKleen Oxi Bleach is specially recommended for permanent press fabric items where the resin treated material will not be impaired.

For more information on how to use ProKleen Oxi Bleach and tailored Laundry Wash Charts for your organisation, please reach out to our Sales Representative.