ProKleen Liquid Chlorine Bleach

Sodium Hypochlorite

Chlorine bleaches are widely used as the laundry bleach traditionally since a long time and therefore, are still the preferred choice for many. As a result, we have the perfect solution for those who prefer Chlorine Bleach i.e., ProChlor.

ProChlor is formulated to help whiten, brighten and remove stains. ProChlor is a powerful laundry bleach; it disinfects, as well as cleans and whitens your fabrics and linen. It works on many whites and colorfast washables – but not on wools or silks.


  • It is a powerful laundry disinfectant and desteiner.
  • It can be used on all types of white fabrics and a limited number of colorfast articles.
  • Easy to dose.
  • Provides good hygiene.

For more information on how to use ProChlor and tailored Laundry Wash Charts for your organisation, please reach out to our Sales Representative.