ProKleen Heavy Duty Detergent

Blood, Urine, Body Secretions, Food Stains

ProKleen Heavy Duty Detergent is specially formulated to remove the most persistent and stubborn organic stains in laundries such as blood, urine, body secretions, and food stains. Heavy Duty Detergent is the perfect product to be used in the medical and food industries.
The synergistic combination of non-ionic surfactants offers additional cleaning power. Maximum effectiveness in removing organic stains. Heavy Duty Detergent was developed for difficult floors in hospitals and commercial laundries. In washing programs, the concentration of Heavy Duty Detergent to be used depends on the condition of the water and the degree of soiling.
As a rule, the recommendations are as follows: For Use Heavy Duty Detergent in sensitive fabrics in an amount of 200 to 250 ml per 50 kg dry load. For other substances, e.g. Eg cotton, linen, use 250-300 ml per 50 kg dry load.