Fabric Softener

Cloth Disinfectant

ProKleen Fabric Softener is a concentrated liquid fabric softener specially developed to retain the fragrance even after high temperature application. This product is formulated from ester quarts and imidazoline derivatives.


  • Outstanding softening effects on cellulose and synthetic fibres.
  • Will not yellow white goods.
  • Will not waterproof fabrics on successive application.
  • Excellent wetting characteristics.
  • Completely soluble in cold and hot water.


ProKleen Fabric Softener is used for softening towels, flatwork and guest laundry in conjunction with at a concentration of 50 – 90 ml per 50 kg dry load.

For more information on how to use ProKleen Fabric Softener and tailored Laundry Wash Charts for your organisation, please reach out to our Sales Representative.