Prokleen Emulsifying Detergent

Oil, Waxes, Solvents

ProKleen Emulsifying Detergent is a water/oil soluble detergent and emulsifier.  The product is capable of emulsifying a wide range of oil, waxes and solvents.

It is stable in aqueous solution of acids, alkalis and various salts over a wide range of temperature. It also works on all types of fabrics.

The recommended concentration of ProKleen Emulsifying Detergent depends on the nature and extent of contamination. As such, 300 – 400 ml is recommended for 50 kg dry load keeping in view the contamination load.

ProKleen Emulsifying Detergent can also be used in conjunction with ProKleen Heavy Duty Detergent in case the extent and nature of contamination is extremely high.

For more information on how to use ProKleen Emulsifying Detergent and tailored Laundry Wash Charts for your organisation, please reach out to our Sales Representative.