ProKleen Chlorine Bleach-Powder

Calcium Hypochlorite

In today’s market there are many types of hypochlorite bleach which many have created problems of fabric wear such as pin-holing and loss of tensile strength. ProKlor is formulated to overcome all these disadvantages.

It is a bleaching product in powder form which provides a greater degree of safety for the end user.


  • It is used for disinfecting and deodorizing cotton clothing in laundries, hospitals and homes.
  • It can also be used for bleaching of cotton yarn, cotton cloth and linen in the textile industry.
  • ProKlor can be used over a wide variety of temperature range i.e., 45-70 Deg. C.
  • Its high solubility ensures complete use of the product.
  • It is safe to use and can be added dry to the wheel.
  • Removes stubborn soil such as tomato ketchup, chillies etc.

For more information on how to use ProKlor and tailored Laundry Wash Charts for your organisation, please reach out to our Sales Representative.