Implementing Hygiene into The Work Place.

Imagine sitting peacefully at your desk while you write annual reports for your office. Your fingers swiftly type away on your laptop, as your elbow rests on your desk. This very desk is where you will have your lunch later or maybe take a small nap while setting your head down. What if we told you that office desks are found to be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat! You’d maybe think twice before you let your head touch the desk for a nap…

As a part of the corporate sector, we usually didn’t pay heed to the cleanliness levels in our offices. We assumed that basic hygiene standards were always met, whether they be in huge industries or upscale restaurants. Back when the world was a simpler place.

With a global pandemic at hand, sanitation is at the forefront of maintaining a cleaner environment at our offices, restaurants, and other commercial workspaces. The industrial sector is now faced with the conundrum of sanitizing workspaces to comply with safety regulations at the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

As a need to maintain a cleaner work environment increases, there’s a continuous back and forth regarding the perfect cleaning products to use. No need to worry! ProKleen offers a diverse range of hygiene solutions to enable safer and cleaner environments.

Confused about updating the sanitization process? Here’s how you can go about it:

Keeping clean in the Food and Beverage Industry:

Cleaning and sanitation are critical processes throughout food preparation and packaging in the industry. The risk of contamination by microorganisms is high when dealing with food products. It is not only the hygiene of facilities that needs to be considered but protecting the health of employees is also a major point of consideration. A few steps to incorporate sanitation in the food and beverage industry are as follows:

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing procedures must be incorporated into the routine which include thorough surface cleaning as well as sanitizing equipment regularly. In an article by Monticello News, the importance of cleaning equipment is deeply stressed upon. The ProKleen Multi-purpose Cleaner with anti-bacterial properties can be effectively utilized for cleaning all types of surfaces and equipment.
  • The service staff employed in the F&B industry must also maintain hygiene standards adding to the provision of a cleaner environment that is safe for everyone. For this purpose, hand sanitizers must be placed at key areas throughout the industrial workplace. With a combination of Alcohol, Emollient, and moisturizing agents, ProKleen Hand Sanitizer can be the perfect product to ensure hygienic standards for the service staff are met.
  • Supplying service staff with proper hand washing facilities is also a key factor to consider. The ProKleen Hand Wash is specifically designed for a thorough cleaning of hands without any skin-irritating residue, hence being the perfect product for your staff.

A safer, cleaner Public Office:

The public sector has a huge impact on the well-being of government employees as well as the general public, hence workspaces need to abide by proper cleaning and sanitation procedures to eliminate any risk of COVID-19.

  • According to Kärcher Group, 98% of all office workers will be affected by some form of contagious disease in their lifetime thanks to poor workplace sanitation methods. This means that surface cleaners must be intensely utilized to clean high-touch surfaces for example doorknobs, light switches, handles, and stair rails. ProKleen provides a concentrated neutral surface cleaner that has fast drying, rinsing, and anti-bacterial properties to take care of all hygiene needs.
  • Washroom facilities in public sector offices should be the top priority when it comes to sanitation. The ProKleen Washroom cleaner is an acidic cleanser that can effectively remove any uric build-up found on urinals and can be effectively used for updating washroom hygiene of offices.
  • Windows in offices offer a better view and look presentable in architecture. However with time, glass in windows can become degraded and reduce curb appeal. Dirty window glasses are also disease carriers. Therefore, ProKleen offers an innovative Glass Cleaner that produces a bright lustrous shine after use and gives a water streaking effect to make your office windows dirt and streak free.
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