As having expertise of 20 years in the products related to Infection Prevention & Control in the Healthcare Settings, we are well versed with the specifics of critical needs and challenges faced by healthcare providers around the World. With the evolving standards in Infection Control in the Healthcare World, there is also more emphasis and importance on general cleaning all around other than the critical areas.

ProKleen offers products that are designed to elevate the quality of service and care for residents, staff, and visitors while subsequently maintaining the required standards of cleaning in Healthcare settings.

Our products specially formulated for the Healthcare sector are, as follows:


  1. ProKleen Hand Wash
  2. ProKleen Surface Cleaner
  3. ProKleen Multipurpose Cleaner
  4. ProKleen Glass Cleaner
  5. ProKleen SS Cleaner
  6. ProKleen Wood Cleaner
  7. ProKleen Washroom Cleaner


  1. ProKleen Dishwasher
  2. ProKleen Surface Cleaner
  3. ProKleen Oven Cleaner
  4. ProKleen Hand Wash


  1. ProDeX
  2. ProMulsifier
  3. ProZonia
  4. ProSoft
  5. ProChlor
  6. ProKlor
  7. ProBoost