Cleanliness in the public sector has a very huge impact on the overall well-being as there are many stakeholders involved such as the general public, government workers, and all the workplaces associated with them such as public spaces, government offices and buildings, and so on. Often, this sector is neglected, even though it should be emphasized as much as an emphasis on cleanliness in the private sector is placed.

To make sure that this sector is given the importance that it truly deserves, ProKleen range of products brings you cost-effective products along with no compromise on the efficacy of products. Our products suitable to this Industry are as, follows:

  1. ProKleen Hand Wash
  2. ProKleen Hand Sanitizer
  3. ProKleen Surface Cleaner
  4. ProKleen Multipurpose Cleaner
  5. ProKleen Glass Cleaner
  6. ProKleen SS Cleaner
  7. ProKleen Wood Cleaner
  8. ProKleen Washroom Cleaner
  9. ProKleen Dishwasher