Food & Beverage

Cleanliness in the Food & Beverage Industry isn’t only one dimensional as it involves protecting the integrity of processes that you undertake, protecting the hygiene of your facilities, and protecting the health of your employee’s day today to ultimately protect your business and brand as the F&B Industry has to undertake a lot of SOPs due to the nature of business.

To maintain effective supply chains, it is essential to underscore the need for suitable cleaning products according to your needs. Therefore, ProKleen comes as the perfect solution tailored according to your needs providing your organization with the most effective and sustainable products, as follows:

  1. ProKleen Hand Wash
  2. ProKleen Hand Sanitizer
  3. ProKleen Surface Cleaner
  4. ProKleen Multipurpose Cleaner
  5. ProKleen Dishwasher
  6. ProKleen Oven Cleaner
  7. ProKleen Washroom Cleaner
  8. ProKleen Glass Cleaner
  9. ProKleen SS Cleaner