Educational Institutions

With an overall young population of around 30 million that goes to school and an expanding network of private schools, it is vital to understand the significance of proper cleaning to be done in educational institutions. This is because lack of proper cleaning leads to increased absenteeism in students and teachers costing schools billions of rupees that isn’t accounted for.

Therefore, educational institutions must ensure that suitable cleaning is carried out. We offer operationally efficient products, prevent infections, and work effectively on the most common germs that are found in such places along with providing a pleasant and healthy environment overall which in turn subsequently leads to an enabling and safe environment for all. The list of products specifically targeted for educational institutions is, as follows:

  1. ProKleen Hand Wash
  2. ProKleen Hand Sanitizer
  3. ProKleen Surface Cleaner
  4. ProKleen Multipurpose Cleaner
  5. ProKleen Glass Cleaner
  6. ProKleen SS Cleaner
  7. ProKleen Wood Cleaner
  8. ProKleen Washroom Cleaner
  9. ProKleen Dishwash  
  10. ProKleen Oven Cleaner