Commercia Laundry

Maintaining wash hygiene and laundry operation requires an efficient supply of the right products required according to the type of fabrics involved. Our team carries out an in-depth analysis of the washing processes according to the type of clothing and its behavior depending on the state and quality of water and its impact on any volume of washing and the energy costs associated.

From a small hotel to a macro laundry, we manage to adapt the washing formulas to the results of these studies, optimizing the resources available for each case.

ProKleen Laundry Products are designed in such a way that they not only provide good washing characteristics but also help to maintain the softness of your fabrics throughout the life of the fabric and making sure that it is not washed out before its life.

For this, we offer the best products, as follows:

  1. ProDeX
  2. ProMulsifier
  3. ProZonia
  4. ProSoft
  5. ProChlor
  6. ProKlor
  7. ProBoost